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Get more done with amazing efficiency of the Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019. Have all business Office apps in one place under 1 account for uninterrupted workflow. The latest version of the most popular business software suites includes all of the popular apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, but with largely improved features, performance, and security. The list of the included Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 apps are listed below.

Important: Microsoft Office 2019 products are supported only on Windows 10.

Don't have Windows 10 yet? Check out our Office 2016 offer – the suite is compatible with older versions of Windows.

Word 2019 Besides the improved performance, speed, and graphics, Word 2019 comes packed with several unique features that will help you edit documents and increase efficiency. With the new 2019 Word, you can use SVG files within your documents, translate words and documents with the Microsoft Translator, make your own math equations with the LaTeX syntax, draw on documents with the in-built pens in different colors (you can use your mouse), and more.

Excel 2019 Like Word, Excel allows you to use scalable vector graphics in your excel documents, translate words, draw on the document, but also you can simply link tasks within the .xls documents, and make use of new functions that will save you time such as the TEXTJOIN & CONCAT + lot more.

PowerPoint 2019  received the largest set of improvements. Meaning, you will not only be able to translate words, draw on PowerPoint presentations, and add SVG files, but you can also create smooth animations and transitions using the Morph feature. Then there is also the Zoom feature where you can revisit slides or skip ahead without stopping the flow. And if you have a digital pen like the Surface pen, you can now go through slides with simple clicks.!

Publisher 2019 Publisher is the Microsoft alternative of Adobe InDesign and lets you make, design, create a variety of publications with your own personal touch. The new Publisher 2019 comes with an improved interface, new templates, and tools that will help you create sales or marketing print/web materials without any significant design knowledge..

Outlook 2019 As one of the most used business apps for email management, Outlook 2019 received a variety of improvements. One of the most notable features is the Focused Inbox (filters and let’s you focus on the most important emails), but there are also new features like the compatibility with SVG files, time zone viewer for each of your schedule meetings, email listening with the Read Aloud feature, popup meeting reminders and more.

Access 2019 The 2019 version of this superior database management system comes with new charts (column, line, bar, pie, combo) that make it easier to understand your stored data, large number data type storing support, dBASE support, property sheet sorting, accessibility improvements and lot more new features that save time and improve workflow.

Microsoft Skype for Business Besides the classic Skype for Business features that you’d expect such as the high-quality video calls, and intuitive & secure instant messaging, the Skype for Business 2019 comes with unified Cloud Voicemail (meaning all your users, coworkers, employees can use the same voicemail), new Call Monitoring with a call data collector that monitors the user experience from 3 apps: Skype for Business Online, Skype for Business Server and Microsoft Teams, as well as side by side migration.

The OneNote application is not a part of the Office 2019 suite and has been replaced with OneNote for Windows, which is included in Windows 10.



License type: Full version; possibly upgraded by maintenance agreement with copyright holder
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volume (OLP, EA or similar); digital certificate
License valid for:
Installation method:
Installation from the manufacturer's installation file (we provide a link for downloading the file)
32/64 bit
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Operating system:
Windows 10; Windows Server 2019
DirectX 10 graphics processor
Hard disk space:
4 GB
2 GB RAM (32-bit); 4 GB RAM (64-bit)
Dual-core 1.6 GHz

Important: It is not possible to install both volume and retail license versions of software on the same device. That means that, for example, you can't install Microsoft Office Home and Business (retail license) and Project Professional (volume license) on the same computer.

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