Affiliate istruction

Please go to

Fill up the form and click on Join.

You will get an email to confirm your email address.

Now you need to wait us to review and accept your registration, once we accept it you will get a confirmation email.


Once we approve your registration,you will be able to login to


The first time you login you will need to choose your preferred payout payment method(you can change it anytime), select one and click "save changes":




Go to our website and select the product you need to get the referral link for and copy the address link,in the picture we are creating the referral link for Windows 10 pro.







Click on Dashborad






Select "Get referral link for specific product" , paste the link you copied from the website, click "Generate" than click on "Copy & Save" 






Select "Saved Link", from here you can see all the links you created.


You are now all set, you can publish the link and earn money.


From the dashboard you can check the traffic you brought on on our website, in the Commission tad you can check how much your earned.

Commission will be paid within 30 DAYS end of month

For more info please contact us at :