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Windows Server 2019 Essential - Lifetime

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Windows Server 2019 Essential - Lifetime is ideal for small businesses, offering an easy-to-manage server with a lifetime license and essential server functionalities without the need for advanced IT skills.


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Buy Windows Server 2019 Essential and Transform Your Company's IT Security


Buy Windows Server 2019 Essential at ESDcodes: Advanced IT Solutions for Your Business at Affordable Prices

Are you ready to revolutionize the management of your enterprise network? With Windows Server 2019 Essentials, you get the server operating system that perfectly meets your enterprise's needs, simplifying control of networks and users and providing a higher level of security for your data. With Windows Server 2019 Essentials, you get intuitive management of your network, even without a dedicated IT department, and advanced protection for your data with features such as AD Lightweight Directory Services and Hyper-V. In addition, support for Windows Subsystem for Linux and Kubernetes makes this operating system incredibly suitable for a modern work environment, equipping your server with the latest internet communication standards with full support for IPv6. The innovations don't end there: with Remote Desktop Services capabilities, support for Azure Active Directory via Aad Connect, and significant enhancements to Storage Migration Services and System Information, Windows Server 2019 Essentials elevates your server's capabilities without complications. And with integration with the Microsoft and Azure ecosystem, you can make the most of cloud and data management resources, bringing efficiency and innovation to your business. Purchase Windows Server 2019 Essentials today and take advantage of our secure digital licenses, immediate delivery, and free in-language customer support. Now is the time to invest in the future of your business.


Maximize Your Company's Performance with Windows Server 2019 Essentials on ESDcodes

Looking to upgrade your enterprise IT infrastructure? Windows Server 2019 Essentials is now available from ESDcodes. This operating system is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of software and services, providing not only efficiency and reliability, but also state-of-the-art security for your enterprise network. If your company already uses operating systems such as Windows 10 or Windows 8, adding Windows Server 2019 Essentials will take your infrastructure to a new level of performance and security.

In addition, Windows Server 2019 Essentials' compatibility with must-have software packages such as Office 2019 Professional PlusOffice 2016 and Office 2013 means you can easily maintain and improve your team's productivity. And to ensure your business is protected from online threats, integration with McAfee Internet Security provides unparalleled internet security, protecting your business data from viruses, malware and other threats.

If your company is in the design or engineering field, integration with industry-leading software such as Autodesk and Autodesk 3DS Max will allow you to take full advantage of 3D modeling and visualization capabilities, thereby enhancing designs and product presentation. And for creative professionals who require high-quality graphics and video editing tools, Windows Server 2019 Essentials seamlessly supports Adobe solutions, including the Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements bundles, ensuring that your business can produce exceptional visual content with ease.

With Windows Server 2019 Essentials on ESDcodes, your business will have everything it needs to grow and remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. Take advantage of our offering and lead your business to success with a solid IT infrastructure.


Learn about the Features of Windows Server 2019 Essentials

- Simple and Intuitive Management: Ideal for small businesses, Windows Server 2019 Essentials makes network and user management a breeze, even for companies without a dedicated IT department.

- License Optimized: Supports up to 25 users and 50 devices without the need to purchase additional user licenses, making it perfect for growing businesses.

- Advanced Security: With features such as AD Lightweight Directory Services Hyper-V, Windows Server 2019 Essentials ensures that your business data is always protected and manageable with ease.

- Support for IPv6: Equipped with full support for IPv6, it ensures that your server is always up-to-date with the latest Internet communication standards.

- Integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem and Azure: Seamless integration with Azure Active Directory and support for Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery expand the possibilities of your IT infrastructure by harnessing the power of the cloud.


Exciting News in Windows Server 2019 Essentials

- Innovations in the Application Area: Windows Server 2019 Essentials introduces significant application enhancements, providing a more stable and performant environment for your business applications.

- Hybrid Scenario Enhanced: With new features for hybrid scenarios, it facilitates integration between the on-premise and cloud environments, enabling more flexible management of IT resources.

- Improved Hyperconvergent Infrastructure: This server release introduces new features in hyperconvergent infrastructure, improving the efficiency and scalability of your IT environment.

- Support for Kubernetes: One of the most anticipated additions, support for Kubernetes opens new avenues for container management, facilitating the development and deployment of modern applications.

- Strengthened Security: New security measures have been implemented to protect against modern threats, making Windows Server 2019 Essentials an even more secure choice for your business.


Windows Server 2019 Essentials Download Guide: Maximum IT Efficiency at the Click of a Button

Downloading the Windows Server 2019 Essentials ISO has never been easier and faster than with ESDcodes. Thanks to our service, you can receive the product key and detailed download instructions immediately after your purchase. We will provide you with an download link, thus ensuring a safe and hassle-free process. You will no longer have to wait for physical shipping times or worry about the security of your downloads. With ESDcodes, you'll have everything you need to get started with Windows Server 2019 Essentials. Discover the convenience and efficiency of a service designed for your digital needs.


Install Windows Server 2019 Essentials: Discover the Benefits of Simple and Effective Network Management

Once you have downloaded Windows Server 2019 Essentials, the next step is installation; this process is intuitive and affordable. Upon purchase, you will receive clear and simple instructions via email that will guide you step by step through the installation of the operating system. And should you encounter any difficulties, our free personalized support is at your complete disposal. Want to make sure the installation of your new operating system goes smoothly? Rely on ESDcodes for a stress-free experience and start making the most of Windows Server 2019 Essentials with ease.


Activate Windows Server 2019 Essentials with ESDcodes: Combine Security and Convenience

Activating Windows Server 2019 Essentials is the last step to start taking advantage of all its advanced features, and with ESDcodes it's easier. As soon as you complete your purchase, you will receive a detailed guide via email that will make activation a clear and straightforward process. All you have to do is enter the product key we sent you and in a few moments your operating system will be active and ready to use. Don't get lost in complicated procedures or wait for indefinite activation times. Choose ESDcodes for quick activation and enjoy all the benefits of your new server operating system right away.


Buy Windows Server 2019 Essentials at Esdcodes and Save

ESDcodes emerges as the ideal solution for purchasing Windows Server 2019 Essentials, offering you an unparalleled set of benefits. First and foremost, the delivery of your license directly to your email within minutes of purchase, eliminating any wait and allowing you to proceed immediately with software installation and activation. The security of your payments is our priority: for this reason, we offer a 100% secure payment system with SSL encryption, ensuring that your transaction is protected from online risks. In addition, free technical support is always available to assist you at every stage, from product selection to installation and activation, ensuring a smooth and serene shopping experience.

On top of that, we take pride in offering top brand software at incredibly low prices.By partnering with giants like Microsoft, Kaspersky, and Adobe, ESDcodes emerges as a recognized vendor, promising you secure transactions and access to legitimate software. With all these benefits, ESDcodes is confirmed as the number one choice for purchasing Windows Server 2019 Essentials. Wait no longer buy your Windows Server 2019 Essentials product key at a great price.


Your Success Starts with Windows Server 2019 Essential on ESDcodes: Find out what you get from your purchase


- Download link for the most up-to-date ISO file

- Valid and Original Activation Key

- Detailed instructions

- Invoice

- Free Assistance and Technical Support


Reliability and Performance with ESDcodes: Your Certified Microsoft Choice

ESDcodes emerges in the e-commerce landscape as a benchmark for those seeking security and economic advantages in software purchases. Recognition as an official Microsoft reseller underscores the high reliability and superior quality of its products. Authenticity is also guaranteed by Partner ID 6776838, which ensures total peace of mind for buyers. With ESDcodes, you avail yourself of the security of a serious supplier and the convenience of competitive prices. Don't miss the unmissable promotions at ESDcodes.


Compliance and Savings Choose ESDcodes for Your E.C.-regulated Software Licenses.

Thanks to legislation C.E. C-128/2011, ESDcodes offers software licenses at incredibly advantageous prices. In fact, this law allows the resale of retail licenses that have already been used, ensuring that everyone has access to quality software at a reduced cost. The benefits are many: not only do you have the opportunity to purchase licenses at a fraction of the original price, but you also contribute to a more sustainable economy by avoiding waste and promoting the reuse of existing resources. Don't miss your chance: discover our offers now and buy your software licenses at the best price!

Buy Windows Server 2019 Essential and Transform Your Company's IT Security


Buy Windows Server 2019 Essential at ESDcodes: Advanced IT Solutions for Your Business at Affordable Prices

Are you ready to revolutionize the management of your enterprise network? With Windows Server 2019 Essentials, you get the server operating system that perfectly meets your enterprise's needs, simplifying cont...


How do I obtain my license after purchasing Windows Server 2019 Essential - Lifetime?

A digital license key will be sent to you via email after completing the purchase.

How do I know if my computer/device is compatible with Windows Server 2019 Essential - Lifetime?

Go to the Requirements section of this page to check the technical specifications. You can also verify directly on the official website of the software manufacturer.

How do I download, install, and activate Windows Server 2019 Essential - Lifetime?

We provide everything you need!

After the purchase, you will receive the digital software to download and install, the product code for activation, and all the instructions for proper installation.

Worried about not being able to install?

No problem! We provide free technical support.

What if I don't receive any email after the purchase?

Check your SPAM folder or log into your account in the "MY KEYS" section, where you will find the product code along with the instructions.

How to download the product?

ESDcodes will provide you with a link to securely and quickly download the product ISO.

What if I can't activate my license?

Don't worry, we are always here to help you!

If you are unable to activate your license for any reason, contact our free technical support with details/screenshots of the problem. We will resolve the issue immediately.

Official Microsoft Partner

Esdcodes is a certified Microsoft reseller, our Partner ID is: 6776838

System Requirements for Windows Server 2019 Essentials

Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit EMT64 or AMD64, quad-core recommended

Memory: 512 MB of ECC supported memory modules and 800 MB for VM installations

Hard Disk Memory: 32 GB for the core, additional 4 GB for the GUI

Disk Controller: PCI Express Compliant Disk Controller (for more information, please contact the manufacturer)

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